Intelligent Revenue announces the launch of its AI-powered Credit Control Solution for Small and Mid-sized Companies

by Lee-Anne Scott for development November 1, 2021

[Cumbria, UK / 1 November 2021] Intelligent Revenue today announced the launch of it’s new solution, Credit-Controlled! Intelligent Revenue challenges the current norm that late payments are the expected way of doing business. In the UK more than half of all of the country’s smaller businesses suffer from late payment and owe a collective £17.5 billion in late payments (Pay.UK 2020). Intelligent Revenue challenges this way of doing business at its very core.

A large proportion of SME owners worry about recovering money already owed to them. Reporting relationship problems, insomnia and anxiety, undermining their emotional wellbeing and productivity. Intelligent Revenue helps SMEs improve their chances of recovering late payments faster without them having to have those awkward client conversations. Their new solution in the form of an App uses behavioural analytics (AI) to predict payment behaviour, turning the data into actionable strategies to improve cash flow.

Credit-Controlled! syncs with your accounting software seamlessly and instantly uploads all of your invoices making it simple to track payments.

Lee-Anne Scott, CEO of Intelligent Revenue, said “It’s time for us to take a stand together to break the cycle of late payments, because chances are you haven’t been paid, because your client hasn’t been paid.”

From the CEO, Lee-Anne Scott, “this is giving SMEs access to insights previously only available to larger companies who can afford enterprise solutions. The feedback we’ve had so far from Bookkeepers and Accountants has all been extremely positive, and truly this is only the starting point of what we have planned to help ensure businesses can stop worrying and spend more time dreaming up ways to innovate.”

Intelligent Revenue ( with its innovative payment chasing automation platform assists SMEs in getting their invoices paid faster. With its launch in 2021, Intelligent Revenue is committed to changing the late payment culture for all firms that transact on terms. 

Press enquiries: Victoria Gregory